Harley Davidson Inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike Motorcycle

Get your motor running, head out on the highway. Wait, this is a ride on, so DEFINITIELY do not head out on the highway, like ever. But, if you have a child who like to be different, perhaps enjoys the wind in their hair rather than the comfort of everyone else’s sedan then at rideons.com.au, we have the perfect choice of ride on car, well, motorcycle.

Rideons.com.au is proud to present the Harley Davidson inspired kids ride on motorbike. This amazing motorcycle is currently available in two colours. Black and white with a police design for those who love to chase and wicked hot pink for those who love to be chased by the law.

This quality built ride on from rideons.com.au features a fully sealed construction for safety and durability whole the triple wheel construction also ensures a stable and safe ride for your little one. Yes that’s right, at rideons.com.au, all of our motorized electric ride on motorbikes come with three (sometimes four) wheels. A simple accelerator control foot pedal makes it simple for any little one to get moving down the driveway or park path, of course, always fully supervised by an adult.

Just think how cool your child will be when seen cruising in their first (and let’s be honest, hopefully last) Harley Davidson Ride On Motorcycle. Perfect for all of those parents who are terrified that their 18 year olds will head out and purchase a real one, this motorized version is perfect to help them understand at a young age the importance of taking care when riding a motorcycle. Unlike a car, where your little one is fully enclosed in a plastic bubble, the skill required to ride a motorized motorbike is slightly higher, with your kids need to judge distance, speed and turning circle, all at an elevated awareness.

Like all ride ons kids electric cars from rideons.com.au, this motorbike doesn’t disappoint in any area of a quality ride ons construction. Anti-slip and long life threaded wheels ensure that you get maximum time from a set of plastic wheels and also ensure that this ride on complies with all EN71 toy safety standards.

But now, let’s move to the real reason you are even considering a Harley Davidson Ride On Motorcycle for your little one. Let’s not pretend this isn’t important any longer. YES, it makes the engine sound of a real Harley Davidson. Included in this outstanding ride on is a 6V, 4.5 AH battery, driving a 15W motor. This Harley Davidson inspired ride on sounds like the right combination of confident and carefree. The ample power allows your child to cruise at a very manageable 3km/h. Also included is a dedicated horn button with a more than satisfactory horn sound, to ensure that any kids riding motorized cars can quickly get out of the way and make room for your little biker to make their way through. This rideon from rideons.com.au also includes forward and reverse motions to ensure that if anyone in the playground misses out on seeing your little one tear up the pavement, they can simply reverse back to the start and do it again, and again.

The SAA approved battery charger ensures that you should receive approximately 2hrs of riding time on a single charge. With a maximum capacity load of 30kg’s, this ride on can handle both your little ones, and your slightly bigger ones too. All you need to buy then now is a pair of shades and some leathers. Let’s ride!

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