Ford Explorer Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Ford Explorer Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Dispatch: 000 … what’s your emergency?

RideOns: Yeah Hi, this is and we are super excited to announce a brand new model of the classic Ford Explorer Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car with remote control.

Dispatch: So you called 000 to tell us that you have a new police kids ride on car in stock … is that about correct?

RideOns: Yep

Dispatch: Awesome … I’ve asked around the department and we’ll take 10.

If you are wondering whether that dialogue really happened, the answer is, we will never ever tell. Having said that, are proud to present the Ford Explorer Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car with remote control. Who doesn’t want to play cops and robbers? Right answer, we ALL do! Well, now your little one can play the Cop while you play the robber .. for up to 2 hours on a full battery charge. Yes, that was a full 2 hours.

This Ford Explorer Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car is magnificent. With a gleaming black and white lacquer finish, the exterior of this Police Motorized Car comes with everything a little officer could want in their work vehicle.  Flashing red, white and blue lights as well as a bulbar turn this cruiser from a toy into a beast. Even real criminals will be clearing the streets when they see your little boy or girl roll up in this muscle machine.

Open the workable doors and your little police captain has everything they need to experience a true in car adventure. Featuring a push button start, a horn and controls for forward and reverse, a speed switch and an easy to reach accelerator pedal, everything is in reach of even the littlest police officer.

Speed is not an issue in this Ford Explorer Police Inspired Kids Ride On Car. Constructed with an upgraded 70W twin motor, the police ride on car handles exceptionally well. Using two 6V batteries, this police cruiser is able to drive at between 3 and 8 km/h, depending on the weight of the child and the surface that the car is being driven on.

Like the real police, seriously care about the safety of all citizens. This police inspired electric car is loaded safety features. Impact-absorbing all-wheel suspension and anti-slip tyres ensure a smooth and gripping drive. The battery charger is a SAA-approved, making it safe as they come. A comfy sports seat comes with a sturdy seat belt, while an adult remote override control allows the parent to take over should the need arise. And believe us, sometimes the need arises. It arises big time. I can share at least one time that a junior officer of the law ended up nearly driving over the neighbours cat as it peacefully rested in the middle of an open sprawl of lawn. All of a sudden, that beautiful lawn turned into the Gettysburg National Military Park, with the cat literally running for its life while the parent used their apparent super hero powers to grab the remote control and turn the car just enough to ensure that little cat still had all nine lives intact.

Additional features of this amazing police car from include MP3 connectivity to allow your little one to play their favorite tunes on the move.

At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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