Ferrari LaFerrari Officially Licensed Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Ferrari LaFerrari Officially Licensed Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Enzo himself would be proud of this one! Everyone knows what a Ferrari is .. why you ask? Well, because Ferrari represents the dream for all car enthusiasts across pretty much the entire world. The downside of this is that there are a LOT of Ferrari knock offs out there. Let’s be honest, you could pretty much slap a dancing horse on a piece of wood and call it a Ferrari replica. But then there is the upside … Oh, the upside. At, we pride ourselves on selling the best quality ride on cars in Australia. That is why, RideOn’s are absolutely thrilled to present the Officially Licensed (yes, officially licensed) Ferrari LaFerrari ride on car with remote control.

This ride on is stunning. As you would expect of an officially licensed replica, this Ferrari is constructed with absolute precision and style. The outer body is a master class on Italian design which starts with the classic Ferrari red lacquer paint finish and the countess curves, Oh, the curves. Like a beautiful Italian Riviera, the curves wind throughout the body to create an exact replica of this masterpiece created to celebrate 100 years of Ferrari design. Finished with a stylish bonnet vent and slimline headlights which give this authentic replica a dynamic stance from any angle; and also provide more than adequate light for a early evening drive in the backyard.

Workable winged doors (with safety lock) invite your little one into this amazing motorized car and also give a sense of realism that they are entering a true cockpit of a racing machine. Paired with the very best in function that a premium ride on from contains, this ride on car is the ultimate driving experience for your child.  The keyless start means your little one can begin their driving experience just like the real thing while MP3 connectivity enables your child to listen to their favourite tunes while cruising. Striking headlights and large reversing lights ensure your little one can be seen coming from a distance away, while the optional music with flashing lights, provides a playful opportunity for your little one to truly enjoy themselves while driving this great car.

Like all premium cars at, this Officially Licensed Ferrari LaFerrari Kids Ride On Car provides all of the safety features that our customers have come to expect and love. The strap on safety belt ensures a comfortable but safe ride while the wide sports seat is both practical and ensure their hands and feet are kept well inside the Ferrari at all times. Additional safety measures include a unique soft speed system to prevent jerky starts or sudden stops, anti-slip tyres for good traction and an adult remote override control for a quick takeover of the ride when circumstances need intervention.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. What is the deal with the engine? Well, as you would expect in an Officially Licensed Ferrari LaFerrari Kids Ride On Car, this ride on contains an upgraded 50W twin motor to provide maximum power. Coupled with the exceptional four wheel suspension, the driving experience of this LaFerrari ride really is the real deal. An SAA approved battery gives up to two hours of this driving experience on a full charge and provides speeds up between 3-8 km/h depending on the weight of the child and the diving surface. operate as an online business but we are available 24hrs to answer any questions that you have. With a guaranteed 24hr dispatch, your ride on is on it’s way only hours after you have placed your order. pride ourselves on our superior customer service. At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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