Disney Licensed Avengers Captain America Kids Ride On Car | Red/White/Blue

KABOOM. Here comes the Captain and he’s ready for action. To be honest, we were a little scared when opening the box the first time with this Disney Licensed Avengers Captain America Kids Ride On Car. We were literally expecting the good Captain to pop out of the box along with this amazing motorized car from RideOns.com.au. We are pleased to offer this amazing electric ride on car in all it exceptional glory.

There is nothing else that your little one wants more than to be a real life superhero. Oh wait, yes there is, they want to be a real life superhero with an awesome ride. Whether they are arriving at the scene to save the day or looking for a quick exit from a sticky situation, this Disney Licensed Avengers Captain America Kids Ride On Car is the perfect vehicle for all of your child’s greatest (imaginary) adventures.

Like all premium ride on car from RideOns.com.au this car delivers in both looks and performance. So get ready to save the world! This Disney Licensed Avengers Captain America Kids Ride On Car allows your little one to literally cruise with the Avengers.

Complete with Captain America stickers and a stunning blue lacquer paint finish, this car also features a keyless push button start ignition, forward and reverse controls and a step on accelerator. Other features include spare tyre decoration, a soft speed system for smoother acceleration and stopping, four wheel suspension for comfort, good quality anti-flat tyres and child-safe features including a wide seat and adjustable seat belt. Easy to operate, this incredible motorized car will be the envy of kids across the entire playground.

Under the hood is exactly what you would expect from a car that need to regularly save the day. The 35W motor utilizing a 6V battery generates the ability for the car to travel up to 3km/h and can provide up to two hours of play on a full charge. This is the perfect speed to swoop in, rescue Spidey, Iron Man, Black Widow, The Hulk or the other guy with the bow and arrow that no one remembers … and then get out of there.

Perfect for any Captain America fan three years or older, this Disney Licensed Avengers Captain America Kids Ride On Car will make for a fantastic birthday present or seasonal gift. At RideOns.com.au we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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