BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride on SUV with Remote Control

BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride on SUV with Remote Control

Quality German engineering has made the BMW X5 one of the most desirable cars within the luxury SUV segment. Perfect for families with a busy lifestyle or those who want a combination of sophistication and style, mixed with the practicality of a large SUV vehicle. At, we are proud to present the BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride On SUV with remove control. This mode is available in black and white.

Like is German big brother, this BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride On SUV from is a top-quality ride and has absolutely everything a child could want for a fun driving experience. You wouldn’t be the first to mistake this inspired X5 for the real thing, given the attention to details all over the outside of this motorized wonder. The sleek lines from the front to the back of this SUV mirror the X5’s more sporty cousins and like its cousins, its matched with an outstanding high gloss paint finish, pearl blue driving lights, signature double helix styled grill and is equipped with replica X5 styled wheels. The overall look of this ride on car is one of the closest matches to the real thing that we have seen at

German cars have a reputation and rich history of safety and this BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride On SUV from is no exception. One of the most important safety features of this car is the immediate parental lockout via the remote control which comes with the ride on car. This parental remote control allows the grown up to control the speed and direction of the car with a push of some very simple controls. This is perfect for little ones just getting used to the car and also for the slightly bigger ones who may have increased their driving skills to include harassing little brothers and sisters or seeking out family pets.

Working doors invite your child to explore the quality interior of this BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride On SUV. Inside the car, the BMW X5 Inspired kids ride on electric car by includes an array of features, designed to enhance the driving experience for your little one. Realistic engine sounds, forward and reverse motion, horn, headlights and electronic brake, all ensure that your mini driver never runs out of choices on where to drive and how to get there. An adjustable seat belt ensures your little one is safe at all time inside the car.

Dual speed modes (3km/h and 5km/h) allow your child to pace themselves and increase the speed of the car as they gain confidence. A 36W electric motor powered by the two integrated rechargeable 6V4.5AH batteries ensures this car will deliver maximum entertainment for extra-long playdates. A power indicator ensures you can track your motorized ride ons battery power and leave enough juice in it for the ride home, supervised at all times.

An MP3 player or smartphone can be plugged in through the USB port to play your child’s favourite music through the built-in speaker system. There’s also volume control if you wish to control the noise level of their play.

The wonderful BMW X5 Inspired Kids Ride On SUV is proudly brought to you by At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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