BMW Licensed S1000RR Kids Ride On Motorbike Motorcycle

BMW Licensed S1000RR Kids Ride On Motorbike Motorcycle

Jump onto this legend and hit the highway or drive into the distance on your next around the world moto adventure. Actually, please don’t do any of those things, instead, just enjoy watching your little ride this amazing ride on in the backyard or local park. are proud to present the BMW Licensed S1000RR Kids Ride On Motorbike in multiple colours.

From the legendary BMW S1000RR superbike comes its junior equivalent, designed to thrill the mini riders the same way the real things thrills those adventurers amongst us. The beautifully constructed motorized car presents with a stunning lacquer finish, mimicking the design of its big brother and featuring multiple panel colour and official BMW badges. The exterior of the bike also features an oversize seat, wheel covers and handle bar covers, perfect for when your little one accidentally drives into the patio wall or clothesline. A reminder that kids should be supervised at all times when riding any ride on from

Powered by a 25W 6V rechargeable battery, this BMW Licensed S1000RR Kids Ride On Motorbike can reach a top speed of up to 3kmh. Given this is a motorbike and your little one is riding it without the protection of a car shell, we highly recommend that 3kmh represents the right balance between safety and a fun ride for your little Evil Knievel. Additional safety features include the thee supporting wheel base which provides the electric motorcycle exceptional stability in conjunction with its premium anti slip tyres.

Handling the bike is a breeze with easy to reach controls including forward and reverse motion switches, a working (and often needed) horn, light switch, twist throttle and even music on the move from the built in tunes. Other exceptional  features include a working headlight, extra wide and contoured seat, nice soft grip handles which won’t damage little fingers and palms and unique soft speed system. This soft speed system ensure that acceleration and deceleration are managed at intervals to minimize the impact of jerky start or stops on your childs neck and head.

The included battery charger will allow your little one to ride uninterrupted for up to two hours.

If you are still undecided as to why you would purchase a motorbike or car as your ride on present then also consider the extra challenge and associated impact of riding a motorbike compared to sitting in an electric car. When your loved one is driving a motorised ride on car they are developing their core motor and cognitive abilities. Time spent playing in a ride on car will further develop a child’s spatial awareness [their relationship with the surrounding environment] and improve their reaction times to events happening around them. Motor skills, including their hand-eye coordination are further developed, as are their problem-solving skills as the environment around them provides challenges that require more complex thinking.  All of these elements are elevated with the selection of a motorbike style ride on, but the reward and development are also increased.

At we love ride on and we love having fun. Come join us.

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