Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car

Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car

OK, let’s just be honest with each other. This ride on is more than special. This is the type of ride on car that makes you want to go back and relive your childhood all over again, just on the slight chance that your parents might be cool enough to buy for you this Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car from

At, we’ve had some popular ride on cars but nothing like the flurry of orders that we saw when we released this bad boy onto playgrounds arounds Australia. We aren’t quite sure if that was a good or bad thing, early reports indicate that there has been much more fun than incidents. Good start.

Let’s talk shop. This deluxe ride on car, truck actually, features all of the typical inclusion that you would expect to see on a premium ride on from with the added bonus of being wrapped in a truck body for maximum impact.

As always, let’s start with the outside. In the stunning black lacquer finish, this truck brings back memories of the movie “Dual” (look it up, perhaps after you buy this truck for your little one), with a realistic truck design that includes all of the fittings that you would normally find on one of these big rigs. The flaming decals will inspire fear in all other children standing in front of this war machine. (note: does not endorse any children ever standing in front of a ride on car, especially in front of this truck). The chrome look accessories mean that people and other children will see your little one coming down the street, sun gleaming, allowing them plenty of time to get the hell out of the way.

Inside, this truck has the lot. The anti-slip seat secures your child in place, while the interior dashboard includes switches for a keyless start, song select, horn, charger port as well as forward, reverse and stop. The oversize steering wheel means that your little one has plenty of grip to move the big rig around, while the working lights provide that feeling of reality with headlights and a row of feature lights across the length of the drivers cabin.

At, we care about safety a lot, especially with this serious ride. Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car features many safety elements including: super grip tyres, large steering wheel, foot holds for increased stability and a unique smooth acceleration system to prevent jerky starts and allow for gradual deceleration which increases the unlikelihood of your child falling from the ride on.

Now let’s move to power. It’s a truck after all. This big rig from features a 25W motor, powered by a 6V battery, allowing your child to crush the roads for up to two hours on a full charge. Able to drive at speed between 3 and 5km/h, this fabulous electric truck is perfect for kids who enjoy the road life, truck stops and the smell of diesel. (note: if your little one really enjoys the smell of diesel, get that checked out for sure).

Buy your little one a trucker hat, a set of cool trucking tunes and finish them off with this awesome Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car from At we love ride on and we love having fun. Come join us.

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