Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car

Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car

Is bigger really better? In this case – absolutely! Introducing the Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car from Trucks are a source of amazement when you’re a tiny person. Every aspect of a truck is enormous to a child; combine their size with the impressive detail that decorates them and you will capture their attention. We guarantee our Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car will generate this same response when you purchase it for your loved one.

Based on the U.S produced Peterbilt Semi, our Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car is a perfect miniature replica, sharing the same impressive design and detail that is found on the real thing. What is it that most stands out on a big rig? It’s all that shiny chrome, of course - and this big rig isn’t lacking. Equipped with a chrome look front push bar, headlight surround assembly, windshield visor and authentic looking dual gas tanks and exhaust stack, your loved one will delight is polishing up their new pride and joy to perfection. Synonymous with many big rigs is the custom graphics that wrap and cover their impressive cabs. Our big rig is also equipped with a custom flame design that differentiates this cool ride on kids cars from any other. Other impressive external features include authentic looking flashing headlights, front and rear in bumper driving lights, and four impressive cab-over lamps – just like the real thing.

Now, while trucks are enjoyable to look at – they are built to be driven and to be comfortable for long-haul driving. Our big rig has been built to give the same impressive ride and provide the same level of comfort. Upon entering the cab, the driver is met with a very comfortable, moulded anti-slip seat, oversized steering wheel and conveniently positioned controls for all of the features this Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car offers. And there are a lot. In primary position is the on/off switch, accompanied by forward/stop/reverse controls. A large horn button [to warn other ride on drivers of your approach] is within easy reach, as is the song select button to control the built-in music list. YES, you heard right, a built-in on-board music list! Equipped with several popular children’s songs, your loved one can rock-along to a series of songs while they drive. Does your child have their own “jam” – no problem, this Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car is equipped with an in-dash AUX input which allows them to listen to their own favourite music via their own [or yours] MP3 player or smart phone. Simple.

Safety is our primary concern here at and this Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car is equipped with an oversized steering wheel to assist newer riders; and a unique soft speed acceleration system to manage and eliminate jerky or sudden movement, ensuring gradual acceleration and deceleration while your loved one learns to use their new ride on. Additional safety features include four-wheel suspension and upgraded non-slip tyres to steady your loved one as they learn to drive. This Big Rig Truck Deluxe Kids Ride On Car is also supplied with an adult override remote controller that allows you to drive, steer and stop this ride on should the need arise. Crucially, like all the ride on cars we deliver at, all the ‘emergency vehicles’ we deliver comply with the EN71 Standard Safety of Toys, and are supplied with an SAA-approved battery charger.

Ready to purchase? Simply head to to view the largest range of Kids Ride On Toys in Australia, at the lowest prices, guaranteed. Need more help, just contact us.

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