Ready to Ship Ride On Toys

So you need a ride on and you want to be assured that within 24hrs, it'll be on a truck and on it's way. Welcome to the ready to ship collection from

While we do offer some models for pre order, we totally understand that usually, our customers are buying a ride on for a very special occasion. Therefore, we have put this collection together to make it easy for you to know exactly what is available and ready to ship, with a guaranteed 24hr dispatch. All you need to do, is choose the model that your little one will like the most! 

Is it really free delivery anywhere in Australia ... YES!

At, we like to keep things simple. When you place one of our ride ons in the shopping cart, you're done. No added delivery costs, no extended delivery times, just standard delivery to each state, within every state in Australia, guaranteed. Even if you live in the most remote parts of Australia, we will get a ride on car to you. We promise.    

Make it unique, add a Custom Mini Plate 

Our do it yourself custom mini license plates are a fun way to add some personal flare and style to your child's ride on car. Available in over 40 colours, and easy to attach, our mini number plates are a great photo opportunity and a lot of fun.

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