Kids Jaguar Ride On Cars

Shall we take the JAG? Jaguar has come a long way, and you no longer need to be wearing slippers and a dressing gown to drive one! 

Our superb range of officially licensed and replica Jaguar kids electric cars are ideal for the discerning future driver. All our Jaguar ride on cars are packed full of interior and exterior features and functions, and of course all of the safety features you would expect from a premium kids ride on car.   

Do you have anything less English?

We can assure you that unlike real British sports cars, our range of Jaguar kids electric cars are completely reliable, both in terms of build quality, and ongoing performance. But, if you remain unconvinced, and are looking to purchase something built outside of the UK, as Australia's number one ride on retailer, have the biggest range of licensed and replica German ride on sports cars, including Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and more.

Pick a colour, ANY colour

British racing green is great, but if you're 5 it's on par with pooh brown and mustard yellow! Kid's love bright colours, so fortunately, our extensive range of kids ride on cars come in almost every exciting colour you can imagine. That's a lot of colours, we know - to help with the search, we have created coloured ride on collections to guide you. If you're not sure where to start, why not begin with some of our most popular colours. These include black ride ons, green ride ons, pink ride ons, and orange ride ons

Are the Jaguar ride on cars fitted with a safety belt?

Yes. The Jaguar range of ride on cars are fittted with a secure safety belt. In fact, all of the electric ride on cars that you purchase from are fited with a safety belt to ensure that occupants are kept inside the ride on at all times.

Design a custom mini plate for your Jaguar kids electric car

custom mini license plate for your new (or existing) ride on is the coolest way to reflect your loved one's unique personality. If your child is a princess, we have you covered with all the pinks and purples you could want; if your little one is planning a backyard invasion, we can help with a unique camouflage mini plate; or maybe your keen to create a miniature of you own car - simple select the plate that mirrors your own state's license plate colour. The possibilities are endless, so start designing your own  custom mini license plate here.

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