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Everything was seemingly going very well for Karl Benz in 1886. He'd just named his first automobile after his youngest daughter Mercedes.

Well, everything was going great for Karl until his wife Bertha Benz, took his patented, three wheeled, petrol powered "motorwagon" on a 120 mile tour of Germany without telling him. That theft (and subsequent extended vacation) positioned Mercedes Benz as the only true luxury vehicle to be driven across Europe. In the years since, Mercedes Benz has maintained this standard as a symbol of style and sophistication. It is no wonder then that our Mercedes kids electric cars are some of the most popular on our website.

Mercedes Benz, a class of its own

While we a very fond of our Mercedes ride on cars, we also understand that most kids (well perhaps most parents) have their own favourite car brand. We have quality collections that cover all of the most famous car brands including - Range Rover ride ons, BMW ride ons, Audi ride ons, Maserati ride ons, Bugatti ride ons and Lamborghini. ride ons. We also have many other brands for you to check out.  

Why are all Mercedes Benz cars silver?

Originally, the silver that Mercedes Benz is now famous for began as a way to save weight on their racing cars. Their silver aluminium bodied W25 race car didn't require paint to look great. Oh, and the W25 won its very first race, cementing silver as the flagship colour for Mercedes Benz. While we dearly love our silver Mercedes kids electric cars, we also realise the need to let everyone choose their favourite colour. Check out our quality range of green ride ons, yellow ride onsblue ride onsred ride onspink ride ons, white ride ons and black ride ons

How long will it take to dispatch and deliver my Mercedes kids electric car?

All Mercedes ride on cars purchased from are dispatched within 24 hours of your purchase. Tracking information will be provided via email and/or sms within 24 hours after your item is dispatched.

Adding a personalised plate? ... Great idea

Keen to make your AMG Mercedes Benz even more AMG? Well, then you definitely need to add a custom mini license plate, available in over 40 colours. Try creating an awesome nick-name for your child's new Mercedes kids electric car.

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