Kids Ride On Digger & Excavator Toys

If you have a little tacker who’s obsessed with all things construction related, give them a gift they’ll love with our range of kids’ ride on diggers, excavators and tractors.

Designed to look just like their favourite construction vehicles in miniature form, get ready for hours of fun in the backyard, the bike path or the park with our collection of digger toys and excavator toys from Ride Ons. 

At Ride Ons, we believe that your little one should be able to dig and excavate to their heart's content. Shop from our huge selection of kids’ ride on diggers and more! 

Discover a range of ride on excavator toys in Australia

When searching for the perfect gift or toy for a kid who loves to be on the move, look no further than the range of motorised and non-motorised ride on vehicles from Ride Ons.

Set them up with a miniature version of your own SUV or motorbike, or browse the range of ride ons with remote controllers and our best sellers that are perfect for birthdays, holidays or random gifts.

All of our ride on digger and excavator models come equipped with all of the standard functions and safety features you would expect to find. Indeed, our digger and excavator models are equipped with unique features such as a digging arm, a front scoop or a flip trunk. These added features create unique adventures for kids and encourage them to explore action and reaction.

Need help finding something in our selection? Whether it’s a particular model or feature you’re searching for, we can help. If you already know what to get for your little one, we also offer free delivery anywhere in Australia (yes — even to Cream Puff Corner on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula).

Contact our team today, and we’ll help you with everything you need to know to make the right choice.


At what ages should kids use ride on diggers & excavators?

Our digger toys and excavator toys are recommended for children three years and up, and have varying weight capacity limits between 30kg and 40kg.

How long do electric construction vehicles run for?

Our kids' electric ride on diggers and excavators can operate for up to 2 hours fully charged and plugin easily overnight to replenish their batteries.

What is the charging time of kids’ ride ons?

After an initial charging time of 10 hours, our kids’ ride on electric diggers and excavators takes around 6 hours to fully charge.

Do ride on digger and excavator models only come in yellow? 

We do have a number of red tractors as part of the digger and excavator ride on collection. However, if yellow is not your little tacker’s favourite, then check out our other collections of ride ons by grouping them by colour or check out our selection of black ride ons, white ride ons, red ride ons or pink ride ons.

Are your ride on diggers and excavators suitable for use outdoors?

Yes, our collection of ride on diggers and construction vehicles can be used outdoors. However, please be aware that the speed of the ride on is determined by the type and incline of the surface on which the ride on is being used as well as the weight of the occupant.

How can I make my digger look less yellow?

One way to make a yellow digger less yellow is to stick a colourful custom mini plate on it. Available in over 40 amazingly non-yellow colours, our personalised mini plates are the perfect accessory for a special ride on. Able to be placed on the front or back (or both) of all ride ons, these mini plates make an already amazing present even more amazing!

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